Disclaimer I, __________________________ with the signature below, agree, declare, and waiver that;
I am aware of the difficulty of the event (Muğla CUP Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum stages) and injury, personal risks, etc. that I may encounter.
I have sufficient training and experience to participate in the event,
I do not use substances containing doping,
During the event:
The organization cannot be held responsible for the material andmoral damages and accidents that I may be exposed to, I will comply with the decisions to be made by the health teams and the organization, I will participate in the race with the awareness of the pandemic period, I will be personally responsible for personal hygiene, social distance compliance with the rules and wearing a mask, I will not hold the organization responsible for any problems that may arise, I will respect the environment and will not destroy the natural environment.  

Date and Signature The person and phone number you want to be reached in an emergency: Do you have any allergies or chronic conditions? If yes, please specify: