1. Introduction

1.1. Rules will be valid during the Opet Muğla Cup 4x Eliminator 2021 race.
1.2. All athletes who register for the Opet Muğla Cup 4x Eliminator 2021 race are deemed to have accepted these rules.
1.3. Each participant must check the contents of the race bag given to them in the registration area, and report any inaccuracies in their personal information to the race management.

2. Race Categories

Race categories are determined by gender and age.


– Junior Men (15-17)
– Elite Men (18-34)
– Master Men A (35-44)
– Master Men B (45-60)


– Junior Women (15-17)
– Elite Women (18-34)
– Master Women A (35-44)
– Master Women B (45-60)

The organizing committee has the right to make changes in the categories so that all athletes can participate in the qualifying groups.

3. Team

There is no team ranking.

4. Bicycles and Equipment

4.1. General

4.1.1. The use of electric bicycles is prohibited.
4.1.2. Each participant is responsible for the safety of their own bike. Make sure that the brakes and other components are working properly.
4.1.3. Athletes who are found to have participated in the race with a bicycle that does not comply with the rules will be removed from the race and will be disqualified.
4.1.4. Bottle cages can only be used within the frame geometry.

4.2. Hardtail/Full Suspension

The race is suitable for racing with hardtail or full-suspension bikes. However, in terms of the type of race, it is desirable that the participants prefer hardtail bikes.

4.3. Special Rules

The components and parts listed below are prohibited for use in racing.
– Single-speed, fixie bikes
– Portable bikes
– Any bike with a carrier
– It is forbidden to wear headphones. The use of MP3 players and similar devices is prohibited.

5. Helmet, Race Number

5.1. Helmet

It is mandatory to wear a helmet during the race. All helmets must comply with DIN 33954, SNEL and/or ANSI safety standards.

5.2. Race Number

The race number is like the identity of the athlete. The race number must be used visibly on the back of the athlete’s jersey and under the seat of the bicycle.

6. Terms of Use

6.1. Muğla Cup 4x Eliminator 2021 is open to all cyclists.

6.2. It is mandatory for each participant to have a current health report or current bicycle license.

6.3. Athletes who have been banned from doping in the last 5 years are prohibited from participating.

7. Muğla Cup 4x Eliminator 2021 Services

7.1. Course Tracking

7.1.1. There will be officials on the track to ensure road and athlete safety.

7.1.2. The officials ensure that the race takes place within the rules and perform the following duties:

Expelling the participants who do not comply with the rules from the race, first aid and clearing way for the leading group.

8. Ranking, Elimination, Scoring and Results

8.1. Qualifying Rounds
Before the qualifying races, the time of the competitors in the course will be measured and the qualifying groups will be formed according to the times obtained here.
8.2. Qualifying Rounds
Competitors will be divided into groups of four according to the time they have achieved in the qualifying rounds, and the first two places from each group of four will advance to the next round. With this system, the first eight rankings of the stage will be determined after the semi-finals and final series.
8.3 Scoring
After the final series, the top eight athletes will be awarded 110 – 90 – 80 – 70 – 60 – 50 – 40 – 35 points, respectively. At the end of all stages, the competitor with the highest total score will be declared the Muğla Cup 4x Champion.
8.4. Results
Results according to the race categories will be published separately in the form of men and women and age categories.

9. Time Chip

9.1. Each individual participant’s time to complete the race will be measured electronically by chip.

9.2. The electronic chip given to you during registration must be attached to your bike in accordance with the instructions for use.

9.3. The start time of the race is the time when the start is given for each athlete.

10. Nutrition During the Race

10.1. Muğla Cup 4x Eliminator At least one feeding station will be established throughout 2021. The station will be located in the event area. Athletes can benefit from the services provided by the nutrition station.

11. Quitting or Suspending the Race

11.1. If the racer has to leave the race due to mechanical problems, health conditions, etc., he/she immediately raises his right arm to inform the other racers and stops at the nearest side of the road. There he/she has to wait for the security team. He/she shows that he/she wants help by raising his/her right arm.

11.2. Leaving the track is grounds for disqualification, even if the competitor returns to the track afterwards.

12. Personal Support Tools and Getting Help from Third Parties

12.1. Personal or team support vehicles are strictly prohibited on the racetrack.
12.2. It is also forbidden to buy technical assistance or nutritional products from press vehicles or other official vehicles that do not belong to the race organization.
12.3. Outside assistance is permitted in case of health problems or accidents.

13 Competition series

14. General Riding Rules

14.1. Participants shall not hinder the passing of other competitors, block their path or force them to go off-road. They will avoid contact with other participants as much as possible. Physically pulling or pushing another athlete for an individual or collective interest will be penalized according to the penalties. Likewise, stopping suddenly in a way that hinders someone else, changing the lane suddenly, or stopping without reason at the start of the race will also be penalized in accordance with the relevant article (section 16).
14.2. It is forbidden to release all kinds of waste, including garbage or used flasks and water bottles, into nature. Those who act otherwise will be punished in accordance with the relevant article (section 16). Each competitor shall dispose of the trash and empty flasks and water bottles in the bins in the feeding areas, on the road or at the finish line.

15. Gear change and Repair

15.1. Exchange of tools, equipment and spare parts is allowed between racers. However, changing wheels and bikes is strictly prohibited.
15.2. All repairs on the bike are on the right side of the road outside the track.

16. Rule Violation Penalties

16.1. General
16.1.1. Penalties for violations are given only by the race committee.
16.1.2. Penalties are specified in Section 16.2 and will be applied without exception.
16.1.3. The race committee is also authorized to impose penalties for violations not included in the list below. The appropriate penalty will be determined by the committee.

16.2. Fine List
In terms of the health of the organization and the safety of the participants, the following penalty scales will be applied:
1- Deceiving the organizer by participating under a false name: 5 years or lifetime ban and 1000 TL fine.
2- Transferring the racing documents to someone else without fulfilling the required registration transfer application: 3-year ban from the race, lifetime ban if it was done intentionally.
3- Cheating the organizer by using someone else’s race chip: 3-year ban.
4- Using an old or wrong race number: Ban from the race for 3 years.
5- Fighting with competitors or other persons: Dismissal and suspension from the race for 3 years.
6- Consciously dangerous riding: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.
7- Taking the short cut and deviating from the racetrack: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.
8- Closed-barrier ground passage violation: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.
9- Competing with a bicycle against the racing rules: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.
10- To race without a helmet or to take off one’s helmet in a race: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.
11- Lack of race number and time chip: Discharge and suspension from the race for one year.

12. Recording of Rule Violations and Appeals

1- The organization and the race committee will record the rule violations in the start, race time and finish area.
2- Violations will be recorded and kept in the “Violation List” form.
3- Participants will submit the rule violations they witnessed or their objections regarding their own race times to the organizing committee by filling out the “appeal form” in the race office and attaching the possible evidence. At the end of the race, the objections will be examined by the organizing committee and the decision will be notified to the relevant parties.