Parental Consent Waiver

LEGAL GUARDIAN’S CONSENT DOCUMENT I, ________________________________________________ with the signature below, know that  ________________________________ of whom I am the legal guardian, will participate in the Muğla Cup Mountain Bike race, which will be held on ___________________ 2021. 1- I understand the risk of injury that can be experienced by participating in sports activities, especially combat sports. Such injuries can include neck, spine and internal organ injuries. I understand the risks and I accept all the risks present in the sport.
2- In case of injury or illness, I accept that responsible personnel will act on my behalf and I will send my child (please circle your choice)

  1. To the nearest Hospital
  2. To the nearest State Hospital.

If this is an emergency, he/she will be taken to to the nearest State or Private Hospital.
3- I declare that my child has been examined by a doctor, a routine health check has been done, and there is no no obstacle in terms of health in participating in sports activities.
4- In the awareness of the pandemic period, I declare that I will not claim any compensation, claim or sue from the organization and its employees due to the situations that may arise due to my child’s participation in this event, and I will not hold the organization and its employees responsible for this situation.
5- I agree, declare and waiver that I am aware of the difficulty of the event and personal risks such as disability, etc. that he/she may encounter,
6- Has sufficient training and experience to participate in the competitions,
7- Does not use substances containing doping,
8- During the event; The organization will not be held responsible for material and moral damages and accidents that he/she may be exposed to, He/she will comply with the decisions of the health teams and the organization, will respect the environment and will will not destroy the natural environment.
The person and phone number you want to be reached in an emergency:
Do you have any allergies or chronic conditions? If yes, please specify:
Legal Guardian Name and Surname: